I used to look like that. I actually tried to go a bit Forrest Gumpish when I ran my first, and so far only, marathon.

I grew up near Washington DC in the town (Manassas, VA)  that produced two civil war battles, David Robinson, and the John and Lorena Bobbitt incident. Also, I’ve lived in Hawaii twice. Once on the small, rural island of Molokai for nearly 6 years and once in Honolulu for almost 3 years while working towards my PhD (still in progress).

I’ve always been fascinated with learning and new technology but was a terrible student in the traditional education system. I have been in the late adopter/laggard realm of the Diffusions of Innovations scale of technology due to finances. Now I’ve got an M.Ed. that was earned fully online where I graduated with high distinction. I’m now in the stage between my coursework and dissertation for my PhD in Learning, Design, and Technology in hopes that I’ll start the research and writing for my dissertation in 2018. Much like this blog, my dissertation topic is one of possibilities brought about by technology as I’ll be studying the experience of homeless persons trying to participate in free Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Nobody changes the world, but hopefully I can be a voice to influence academia in the US to move away from the current model of bilking people out of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars while preparing them for very little of the real, rapidly changing world.

This blog is my collection of my thoughts in areas where I feel decently well informed. I’ll be focusing primarily on the concept of possibilities, specifically where new technologies might take us and how we might craft new ideas and ways forward. In addition to original content, I’ll be doing reviews of books, articles, videos, etc that have in some way informed or inspired me. There will be an educational undertone to some of the writing as it’s an area I’m passionate about, especially as it pertains to using new technologies to change the educational landscape permanently.

I expect the minor details of this site to change dramatically over time as I’m learning WordPress development along with blogging as a means of staying motivated. Additionally, I intend to monetize the blog early and often, quite possibly having it as my main source of income at some time in the future if it scratches an itch for enough people. Affiliate marketing through Amazon and hopefully Google AdSense will be used. Once I get a better grasp on where things are going, I’ll have a full disclosure written up.

Once this thing sneaks it’s way out into the world, I hope to begin hearing back from people and will do my best to respond. Posts will be happening every Thursday at the beginning, and in the long term my goal is to increase the output to three posts weekly. Additionally, I’ll be setting up a weekly newsletter through MailChimp in the near future that will feature one of my posts as well as other blog posts and media that I found interesting that week.